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E-mail: maxi.thinks@gmx.de


5 Gedanken zu “About me”

  1. Hallo du,
    wollte nur mal liebe Grüße da lassen, mag deinen Blog, deine Worte und Fotos sehr!
    Liebe Grüße!

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  2. Klingende Worte 😉

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  3. I read your comment on Yaz’s blog and immediately it struck a chord. (Not belonging to this generation etc). I would love to follow your blog and posts too 🙂

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    • Hello there!
      I would feel honoured, if you followed my blog and read my posts; unfortunately my first language is german, maybe you already found out. Don’t know if you also speak german 🙂
      But yeah, my poems or written thoughts always contain some kind of „not feeling comfy in this generation or society“ etc.
      greetings maxithinks

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      • Hey Maxi, I love languages, and though I do not speak German, I am sure I can fill in the blanks with Google Translate. Yes, I would love to follow your blog. Anyone who thinks like that must certainly be special 🙂 The honour is mine, I assure you. I love the German people, the culture and the history. (Of course, not like some juvenile WWII fan, of course not. But the greater Germany that once used to be.. )
        I have been saying that for years now, that I do not belong in this age at all. So hardly surprising that I liked your comments and thoughts 😀 Nice to meet you, Maxi.

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